Karim Nile Steamer Cruise

Karim Nile Steamer Cruise Built in 1917, the S/S Karim Nile Paddle Steamer has undergone extensive renovations completed in October 1998. The boat was again renovated during 2009. This historic vessel was originally used by King Fuad I of Egypt and then by his son King Farouk. After the Egyptian revolution, the S/S Karim was […]

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M/S Misr Royal Steamer Nile Cruise

M/S Misr Royal Steamer Nile Cruise Commissioned by the British Royal Navy and delivered in 1907, the propeller Nile Steamer Misr was first launched on May 28th, 1918 as a British Royal Navy vessel. It arrived in Alexandria, Egypt on September 8th, 1918, from Preston, northwest England, having steamed 3276 nautical miles in 17.5 days. […]

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SS Sudan Nile Steamer Cruise Luxor

SS Sudan Nile Steamer Cruise Luxor SS Sudan is an authentic steamship, built at the dawn of the 20th century. Travel back into a bygone era on this ship, which was originally a gift King Fouad of Egypt in 1885. All of the rooms retain their period character and a warm, homey feel resonating from […]

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