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Cairo , Nile Cruise & Hurghada On The Red Sea in 12 Days

12 Days / 11 Nights
Private Tours
 Every Day

Do not Forget

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  • Credit cards
  • Mobile
  • Travel bag
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Welcome to Cairo, Egypt
Our tour representative shall meet and assist you at Cairo International Airport. Then, he will escort you to the hotel by an air-conditioned vehicle. At the hotel he will assist with a smooth check-in and review your holiday itinerary with you to establish and confirm pick-up times for each tour. Overnight in Cairo.

After Breakfast at the hotel, we head to Giza Plateau to explore the history of the Pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinus. Those served as the tombs for their dead kings & are the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world to survive. For preservation purposes, one of the pyramids is closed for a spell on a rotating basis. Early morning is the best time to visit, before the heat and crowds. It can get very hot and less air inside the pyramid so clambering inside is not recommended for claustrophobic or the unfit.

The ticket includes seeing the pyramids from outside, the panorama, the Great Sphinx, which stands guard over the pyramids and the Valley Temple of Chephren. Extra tickets to the entry of any one of them and to the Solar Boat Museum on the south side of the great pyramid. Then proceed to visit the great sphinx, which dates back to the time of Chephren & to visit his valley temple.    

Then, we enjoy visiting Sakkara , which was the royal necropolis for the old kingdom capital of Memphis covering an area of 7 km north to south & we can see from the outside the centerpiece of the Necropolis which is the Step Pyramid of Djoser 2630 BC. It was the prototype for all other pyramids and it was the world’s oldest major stone structure.

We also can visit inside part of the Pyramid of Teti 2345 BC , its walls are inscribed with sections of pyramid texts. Nearby, we visit the Tomb Mastaba of his vizier kagemni 32m x 32m square, with its outstanding reliefs that provide an insight into their daily lives. Afterwards, we move to explore the ruins of Memphis, situated about 30km (19 miles ) south of Cairo. It was the ancient capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom (2600 BC – 2200 BC). It occupied a strategic position at the mouth of the Nile Delta. Its museum houses a giant statue of Ramses the 2nd, about 10 m in length and carved of monumental limestone. Overnight in Cairo.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Check-out after Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo. Then, we visit the Egyptian Museum to witness a collection of the most ancient of Egypt’s historical artifacts. The museum houses the world’s largest collection of pharaonic antiquities. Egypt’s first National museum of pharaonic antiquities opened in 1902. More than 120,000 items are on display Here, with another 150,000 stored in the basement.

Pride of the collection are the treasures from Tutankhamen’s tomb and great pieces from every period of ancient Egyptian history from 3100 BC, Through to the Greek-Roman items of the 2nd century AD. Some of these items shall be transferred to the new Grand Museum at Giza that due to open in 2020. Additional visit to the Mummies Hall at the museum (extra ticket on spot).

Then, we move to visit the Citadel of Salah El-Din, which is located on a hill. It was constructed by Salah El- Din in 1183 AD to defend Cairo from the armies of Crusaders. In the citadel we can enjoy a visit to Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque which was designed by the architect Yousif Boushnaq, A Turkish man who came specially from Istanbul to build this great mosque for Mohamed Ali, who was the ruler of Egypt (1805-1849) . The mosque perched on the summit of the citadel.

Afterwards, we head to Coptic Cairo, that contains many historic churches near the island of Rhoda, The site of the Nilometer, which has been used to measure the height of the River Nile since Pharaonic times. Within the complex we will visit the Hanging Church of the 11th century AD, that was built on top of the water gate of the old Roman Fortress of Babylon. It is located between two round Roman towers, against which the Nile River once lapped before it shifted course.

Then, we see Abu Serga church, where the Holy Family sheltered in a cave as crypt during their Flight into Egypt, it is the oldest Existing structure within the fortress with foundations dating back to the 5th century AD.

Finally, We see Ben Ezra Synagogue, the oldest in Egypt. According to local folklore, it is located on the site where baby Moses was found. Most of its Hebrew, Aramaic, Judeo & Arabic sacred manuscripts, numbered 300,000 fragments are now dispersed among a number of libraries like Cambridge University and University of Manchester.

Then, we head for Khan El-Khalili old bazaar, Built between 1382 and 1389 AD. Later, you will be transferred to Giza Railway Station to board the sleeper train to Luxor. Dinner and breakfast will be served on board – overnight inside your compartment.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

You will be met at Aswan station. Then, you will be transferred to your hotel, optional (not included) to enjoy a tour to one of Egypt’s top tourist attractions (Abu Simbel Temples). you will be picked up a private air-conditioned vehicle for a drive of 300 km heading to the two massive Rock Temples at Abu Simbel , which is a village in Nubia in the south of Egypt near the borders with Sudan . Both temples were carved out of the mountain side during the reign of the pharaoh Ramses II in 1264 BC.

The complex was relocated in its entirety in 1968 on an artificial hill made from a domed structure, high above the Aswan high dam reservoir. The relocation was necessary or they would have been submerged during the creation of Lake Nasser , the massive artificial water reservoir formed after the building of the Aswan high dam on the Nile River.

Its main attraction is the great sun temple of Ramses the 2nd & the temple of queen Nefertari. Both outstanding temples were discovered in 1813, it was almost completely covered with sand. Ramses II built the temple mostly to honor himself as inside there is a mural depicting his famous victory at Kadesh battle where his army defeated his enemies. Nearby, is the Nefertari Temple which was built by Ramses II to his favorite wife Queen Nefertari.  After finishing the visit you will be escorted back to the city of Aswan. Overnight in Aswan.

N.B., : In case you would like to do Abu Simbel Tour, so you will do it on day 5 and Aswan sightseeing Tours will be on day 4.
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at your hotel in Aswan. Then, you will be transferred to embark your Nile Cruise Ship before Lunch. Then, enjoy visiting the world famous High Dam, which is an Embankment Dam built across the Nile and built between 1960 and 1970.

Then, we head to the Island of Philaeto discover the spiritual legend of goddess Isis & god Osiris. It was dedicated to the goddess Isis the divine mother of the pharaoh. Philae is an island in the reservoir of the Aswan Low Dam, downstream of the Aswan High Dam. It has been flooded since the initial construction of Aswan Low Dam in 1902 .

The temple complex was dismantled and moved to nearby Agilkia Island as part of the UNESCO Nubia Campaign Project , protecting it and other temples before the 1970 completion of the Aswan High Dam. After the construction of the High Dam , The island of Philae was flooded for six months each year. An incredible restoration program was undertaken in the 1960s . It was moved stone by stone to the current Location.

Afterwards, we visit the largest known ancient obelisk ( the Unfinished Obelisk), which is located in the northern region of the stone quarries. The bottom side of the obelisk is still attached to the bedrock. If finished it would have measured around 42 m long or 137 feet long and would have weighed nearly 1,200 tons. Dinner on board and overnight in Aswan.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Sail to Kom Ombo . After Breakfast on board ,we walk to the Ptolemaic Temple of kom Ombo, overlooking the River Nile. It was dedicated to Sobek the crocodile god & to Horus the falcon-headed god. It was begun by Ptolemy The 6th in the 2nd century BC. A museum near its place houses 40 crocodile mummies that have been found in the nearby Necropolis. Kom Ombo was important location to the caravan routes from Nubia & various gold mines. It is surrounded by fields of sugar cane and corn.

Sail to the City of  Edfu, Lunch on board . Afterwards, We visit the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt called Edfu Temple. Dedicated to the falcon headed god of kingship and protection called Horus. This most preserved temple in Egypt was built by ptolomy the 3rd in 237 BC . Enjoy the afternoon tea during sailing to Esna. Dinner and overnight on board.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Sail to the city of  Luxor. In ancient times it was called Thebes, once the capital of the New Kingdom 1550-1060 BC. It is the world’s richest archeological site. Have Breakfast on board. Then, we cross to the West bank of the Nile and head to the Valley of the kings, which was the necropolis of the New Kingdom Pharaohs. 63 tombs have been found there and numbered on the maps in the order of their discovery (entrance ticket to three tombs), While the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun is optional with extra ticket.
Afterwards, we explore the Amazing partly rock-hewn Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut 1507 BC. It is a breath taking Sight. Then, we proceed to the Colossi of Memnon, Soaring 18 m high & originally guarded Amenhotep’s mortuary temple 1390 BC.
N.B.,  But if you did visit the valley of the kings and the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut before, you can replace them with the Mortuary Temple of Ramses the 3rd at Medinet Habu, which is 2nd only to Karnak Temples in size and detail with reliefs that reach 27 m showing an oversized Ramses scattering enemies from his chariot. As well as Egypt’s sole relief of a naval battle against the sea peoples. Then, we go to the Valley of the Nobles, That is made up of more than 400 tombs mainly from the New Kingdom, providing an invaluable insight into daily life in the New Kingdom (entrance ticket to two tombs) .
Instead of the valley of the Nobles, We can visit the Valley of the Workers at the village of Deir Al-Medina, where the craftsmen , servants and laborers who worked on the royal tombs lived in that village. Its tombs provide a rare insight into the lives of ordinary people in ancient Egypt. Lunch on Board. Enjoy the afternoon tea during sailing. Dinner on board. Overnight in Luxor.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Breakfast on board, disembark from your Nile cruise after breakfast. Then, you will be transferred to visit the impressive and monumental Karnak and Luxor Temples. Which are considered the greatest open-air museums and probably the second most visited historical site in Egypt after the pyramids of Giza in Cairo. Karnak Templs were built over a 1300-year period, the temple of Amun (the state God), that lies at the heart of the complex covers more than 60 acres.

Then, we head to the nearby Temple of Luxor. It was constructed approximately 1400BC. It was a primary cult temple, dedicated to the rejuvenation of kingship; it may have been where many of the pharaohs were crowned in reality or conceptually. In the Hieroglyphic language, it is known as ipet resyt (the southern sanctuary). Both were famed throughout the ancient world and have attracted tourists since Greek & Roman times.

In the afternoon, you will be transferred to Hurghada on the Red Sea. From Luxor to Hurghada is about 3 hour and half drive. Overnight in Hurghada.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

It is a sprawling tourist town with resorts stretching along the Coast. Optional tours to experience the exquisite diving and snorkeling among the Red Sea Coral Reefs and see some amazing rare fish. Or choose one of the many other activities such as windsurfing, sailing And deep-sea fishing. Overnight in Hurghada.
Meals: Breakfast

Optional tours to experience the exquisite diving and snorkeling among the Red Sea coral reefs And see some amazing rare fish. Or choose one of the many other activities such as windsurfing, sailing and deep-sea fishing. Overnight in Hurghada.
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at your hotel in Hurghada with free time at leisure . Then, you will be Transferred to the Bus Station to take the first class coach to Cairo (about 6 hours drive), upon Arrival in Cairo you will be met and assisted. Then, you will be transferred to your hotel for free time at Leisure and overnight stay in Cairo.
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo – Free time before your flight – check – out and then transferred to Cairo International Airport for final departure.
Meals: Breakfast


  • Meet and greet service by our representatives at Airports
  • All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Transfer from Luxor to Hurghada by private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Transfer from Hurghada to Cairo by F/C air-conditioned coach
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in Cairo including bed & breakfast
  • Accommodation for 1 night on sleeper train on half board
  • Accommodation for 1 night in Aswan including bed & breakfast
  • Accommodation for 3 nights on 05 star superior cruise on full board
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in Hurghada including daily breakfast
  • English speaking tour guide
  • All sightseeing tours are private guided tours
  • Meals as mention in the above itinerary
  • Bottled water during the trips
  • Portage when needed
  • All service charges and taxes


  • Entrance fees to all sites as indicated on the itinerary
  • Lunch meal during day tour in Cairo
  • International Airfare
  • Any optional tours
  • Personal spending
  • Tipping Kitty

Accommodation Plan:
  • Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa
  • Mövenpick Aswan Resort
  • MS Nile Goddess Nile Cruise
  • Mövenpick Resort Hurghada
Per Person in Triple Room $ 1061 $ 1265
Per Person in Double Room $ 1138 $ 1314
One Person Traveling Alone $ 1754 $ 2029


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